We’ve had a little bit of a dry spell in the event movie department of late. By that I mean a movie that has people abuzz in the streets, jaws slack in amazement at a movie’s sheer audacity. One that you know you just can’t miss. One that will have you walking away from the movie theater and pre-ordering the Blu-ray before you’ve even got the key in the car door.

My friends, The Meg is such a movie. The synopsis alone has thrilled those of us who remember the good old days when we spoke in hushed tones of a movie called Snakes On A Plane. This is a movie in which Jason Statham fights a shark the size of a skyscraper. If that doesn’t have you drooling in anticipation and feverishly checking release dates (August 10th, by the way), well, I don’t know what will.


There is some excellent, toothsome new footage in the shiny new international trailer. We get a better view of the great beast as it chomps down on some kind of underwater lab. The megalodon body slams a holiday resort and throws its considerable weight around with a giant ship. There is also some great insight into the background of the operation whose deep-sea adventures first bring The Meg to the surface. As the trailer says, it’s the biggest thing we never saw coming. I’d like to think there are Hollywood executives who feel the same about this terrific concept: Godzilla meets Jaws Vs. Statham.



The international trailer also hints at how truly awe-inspiring The Meg will be when rampaging in glorious IMAX 3D. Giant movies about giant, insane things are what the format was devised for, surely.

Also, to go along with the new trailer we’ve been treated to a pair of new posters. These do a terrific job of illustrating the gargantuan scale of the prehistoric predator.

As Statham’s character Jonas Taylor growls in the trailer:


“Oh my God…it’s Megalodon!”


Oh my God indeed, sir. The Meg will hit theatres August 10th, 2018.


the meg shark movie
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