While I love a good arthouse thriller as much as the next horror snob, sometimes my taste is simple. I see a trailer for a film marketed as Jason Statham vs a 70 ft shark, I click. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The Meg is an upcoming action-horror film based on the book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, that follows a deep sea rescue diver who goes toe-to-toe with a megalodon shark in efforts to save a sunken submarine. Leading the film through dangerous waters is Jonas Taylor, portrayed by legendary action star Jason Statham (Spy, Crank 1 & 2).

So a big question about the film going in was about what the tone would be like. Was this going to be a serious, underwater caper? Or was the film going to lean into its ridiculous premise and ham it up? By the trailer, it looks to be a bit of both. Maybe 70/30 on the serious side with most of the comedy coming from Rainn Wilson, who recently dipped his toes into the horror-comedy pool with Cooties.



You’re Going to Need a Bigger Budget

Another concern was how were the effects going to look. This shouldn’t be an issue as The Meg was given a bonkers $150 dollar budget, and just going off the trailer: pretty solid. I wouldn’t say I was anticipating this film, but with the cast and premise I’ve definitely been curious. The trailer does a pretty decent job of selling the film, which most probably thought would be silly and ridiculous. Not going to lie, I’m still hoping for ridiculous. Like Statham driving a car filled with bombs into the shark’s mouth (credit if I just predicted the ending).

Between surprise hit The Shallows and the B-Movie juggernaut Sharknado franchise, shark movies have been making a bit of a comeback (no, not you 47 Meters Down). Warner Brothers appears to be doubling down on the aquatic resurgence in cinema, giving The Meg a hefty budget and an August release date to close out the summer blockbuster season. And if they’re going all in, I’ll buy a ticket. Plus, the movie will be released in IMAX 3D and who wouldn’t want to see Jason Statham punch a shark in 3D!?

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The Meg