Since it was announced that Tremors would be returning, people began speculating about how this sequel/reboot would shake down. Who is going to be in it? Will the stars of the original return? What will be different this time? First came John Squire’s scoop that Tremors 7 would in fact include Michael Gross.  Then stars, starting with Jamie Kennedy on twitter, started letting us know they had NOT landed the mystery lead. We were still left to wonder who would be in that spotlight. Well, wait no more. None other than Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) will be the Tremors 7 lead.

From the start, Tremors has done well with unconventional casting. Looking back now, we can’t imagine any other actors filling the three lead roles of the original. At the time, though, the idea of having ‘that guy from Family Ties’ and a country star share the lead with Kevin Bacon didn’t sound like a recipe for horror success.


So, it seems only fitting that this reboot attempt would be helmed by Heder. While he has had a very successful voice acting career, most know Jon Heder as the titular Napoleon Dynamite. I asked him what led him to this horror film and he told me, “I get to go to Thailand for 5 weeks and kill monsters with machetes, chainsaws and flamethrowers while on the beaches and in the jungles of Thailand.” Not only does that sound like fun, it also seems just the right sort of attitude when approaching a Tremors movie. Lock and load and have a blast!

Heder is such an unconventional choice, yes, but one that could work very well. The Tremors films have always unlikely heroes. The saviors of humanity against these giant worms have always been outcasts, oddballs and just general goofy folks. Heder can fit that bill perfectly, and the idea of watching Napoleon fighting giant monsters with a flamethrower seems very Tremors-esque. Shooting begins this month and we at NOFS can’t wait to see how he pulls this one off.


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