Even before the finale of television series The Purge, the USA Network has confirmed it will be picking up the show for a second season. Being based off the popular movie franchise, the show has also been enjoying series success as the channel’s number 1 drama. The series, a co-production of Blumhouse Television and Universal Cable, explored a twelve-hour-period of a single instance of The Purge.

The second season is looking to dig even deeper into the mythology of this event. The first season of the series explored more into the New Founding Fathers, the political group that instituted the yearly Purge. There’s been glimpses into them from the films, but the show gave us an even deeper glimpse. The first season also gave us a look at different types of people and their individual fights to survive the event. It culminated with an interesting climax as all of the characters come together in a fight for survival. There is no word yet if any of the characters or events will return for the second season.


Something that really helped kick off the success of The Purge television show is creator James DeMonaco. He wrote all of the films, and is able to build upon on the world he created. On top of this, there are rumors that there could be another Purge film coming as well. The show doesn’t really state where in the timeline it falls, just sometime after the recent prequel of The First Purge.With the The Purge franchise expanding on both small screens and big, it will be interesting to see how they will interweave with one another.

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