Ahead of Fantastic Fest A. T. White’s Starfish is acquired for release by Yellow Veil Pictures, during the run at the Toronto International Film Festival. Yellow Veil Pictures is a NY/LA based company that focuses exclusively on, “…pushing genre cinema, [they] seek to highlight emergent filmmakers who exist on the cusp of commercial, arthouse cinema.” Yellow Veil has also acquired the rights to Luz and House of  Sweat and Tears, which are both screening this year at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Starfish is an honest portrayal of loss, starring Virginia Gardner (Halloween, 2018; Runaways, 2017) as a young woman who struggles with the death of her best friend, while trying to assemble a series of clues left behind in order to stop a monstrous end to the world as we know it. Driven by Lovecraftian imagery, White layers the film with upbeat indie music contrasted by a haunting, orchestral score also composed by the writer/director.

On the topic of Starfish, Yellow Veil Pictures Co-owner Joe Yarnick said:

Starfish, in particular, A.T.’s vision, is nothing short of remarkable; managing to coalesce varying styles without losing sight of its emotional throughline. It’s like It Follows by the way of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; we can’t wait for this film to stun audiences in Austin.

Starfish is White’s first feature film, and the first time he’s directed something in almost 5 years. So not too shabby for a 5 year hiatus! Their official website it is stated that, “Every cent made by the Director from Starfish will be donated to Cancer Research.” Add one more, philanthropic reason to see this film!


While there is no official theatrical release date, you can catch Starfish at Fantastic Fest from Sept. 20th-26th, Radiance Sept. 27th-Oct. 7th, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival October 11th-18th, and Ithaca Fantastik Oct. 26th-Nov. 4th.

Are you excited for A. T. White’s feature debut? Let us know!


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