How bad do you miss that traditional 80s Slasher format? If you’ve been dying to see a prank-gone-wrong that results in murder after a decade long resentment, Thriller is here to help you rediscover those glory days!

First time director Dallas Jackson has co-written this sub-genre story with Ken Rance (New in Town) about a terrible, tragic childhood prank that returns to haunt of group of high school friends in South Central, LA when the victim bent on bloody revenge comes to pick them off one by one over Homecoming weekend. The trailer promises a hint of camp, slight humor, plenty of gore, and a street style spin on the once tired slasher trope. Contemporary film company Divide/Conquer, responsible for films like Cam, Bloodline, and The Wind, will produce Thriller, while Blumhouse will distribute.


Last year, Blumhouse Productions revived the slasher sub-genre in a big, bad way with Happy Death Day. The fun twist on (arguably) horror’s most respected killers in a clever, modern way. The powerhouse company is back at it again, resurrecting the slasher from the dead, again taking another modern stride, with the first trailer for the upcoming urban horror Thriller.



Thriller is dripping in nostalgia, yet also has a fun, new age feel to it that is already hooking audiences. The Prom Night and Halloween parallels are in plain sight, but it is the setting and casting that make leaps away from the genre cliches. Instead of a crazed killer stalking the safe cul-de-sacs of suburbia, Thriller takes place in Compton, CA, an environment with a brand of violence all its own. A plot that would typically follow a “paranoid white girl” takes a fresh turn with Jessica Allain (The Honor List) in the lead as well as with the slasher himself, Jason Woods (Emergency) as Chauncey.

Blumhouse began the slasher revival with Happy Death Day, and will be bringing David Gordon Green’s Halloween to audiences October 19th, but Thriller is proof the production company is here to revolutionize the genre. Thriller stars a slew of newcomers including Mitchell Edwards (The First Purge), Pepi Sonuga (Ash vs Evil Dead), Mykelti Williamson (Fences), Paige Hurd (Beauty Shop), and Maestro Harrell (Barbershop), as well as Wu-Tang founder RZA, Tequan Richmond (Ray), and Vanessa Williams (Candyman).

Chauncey is coming to get the audiences of the Los Angeles Film Festival with the premiere of Thriller on Saturday, September 23rd. Until we get word on any distribution news, enjoy this insane retro poster art and let us know what you think about Thriller and the slasher comeback over on Twitter, our Horror Movie Fiend Club Facebook page, or on our Subreddit page!


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