There’s been a lot of interesting things coming out of Monsterpalooza this weekend, and we have Fangoria to thank for some fun news regarding Shudder’s upcoming television show Creepshow. At the event, Tom Savini announced that he had directed an episode of the upcoming series, adapting Joe Hill’s By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain. As I’m sure you’ll remember, his father Stephen King penned the original Creepshow, with Tom Savini handling the practical effects.

The debut season of Creepshow is featuring 12 segments in the six-episode run. Savini described his own segments as “a combination of Stand By Me, The Fog, and Jurassic Park. It’s really something”. It will be very interesting to see his approach to Hill’s source material but the synopsis of the story might help answers any questions you have:

Gail London and Joel Quarrel, friends how are out on a cold, late-summer morning discover a dead plesiosaur, a type of massive sea creature from the era of the dinosaurs. They do what they can to defend this discovery, but things turn when they have to face whatever might be out in Lake Champlain.

Savini is best known for his special effects and is a legend in the industry for his realism and attention to detail. He also isn’t new to directing, having done shorts for The Theatre Bizarre back in 2011 and George A Romero’s Deadtime Stories: Volume 1 in 2009. His debut feature was of course the 1990 Night of the Living Dead remake and we’re all hoping to one day see another film added to that list.


Savini and Hill go way back, having both appeared in the original Creepshow, bringing the entire project full circle. Savini portrayed one of the garbage men and Hill was the little boy taking revenge on his father. This is some really interesting news, especially with Greg Nicotero being the showrunner for Creepshow. He studied under Savini to learn effects and gave him his start in Day of the Dead.

Creepshow is beloved film, but it’s definitely looks like it is in good hands. Are you excited for this anthology television series for Shudder? Will you be checking out the new Creepshow? Are you excited about this news? Let us know on TwitterReddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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