October is here and it’s time to stock up on those extra batteries! What better way to start off your horror binging than with some chills and thrills from behind a camera lens? Since the The Blair Witch Project took the box office by storm in 1999, we’ve had no shortage of Found Footage Flicks to feast on; good and bad. We’re here to help you sort through the good. Here are the ten best found footage films that you can check out right now to jumpstart your horror-filled binge!



For those new to found footage; These films bring the audiences closer to the horror by putting them in the perspective of the camera. All or most of the fiction is presented to viewers as if being discovered or documented footage of the events. Usually this is shown from the point of view of one or more characters’ camera(s) and given their real-time commentary. Popularized by films such as The Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity series, found footage has kept itself relevant to audiences and a horror staple for fans of the genre. They found a way to keep us interested in the events the characters show as they unfold.


CREEP (2014)

Synopsis – The film follows videographer, Aaron, as he answers a Craigslist ad to spend the day documenting the life of it’s poster, Josef. Josef requests that Aaron spends the day recording his life as he is doomed to perish from a terminal cancer in his brain. All this so he will have something to leave behind for his unborn child. As Aaron documents more and more of Josef’s life, he begins to wonder who exactly he agreed to work for.

Why You Should Watch – This movie has gained quite the following with fans and with a sequel on the way, this one is a must watch. Mark Duplass as Josef steals the show. His sincere demeanor followed by the duality of his sheer, well, creepiness is what will keep you wondering what else could happen? This one will get under your skin and keep you uncomfortable while we join Aaron on his discovery of what kind of person Josef really is.

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Afflicted (2013)

Synopsis – Best friends Clif and Derek decide to document their travels overseas and upload their adventures online for everyone to see. This comes as a sort of “last wish” for Derek because he has AVM, an abnormality in the brain which could kill him at any time. Briefly into their journey, Derek is injured mysteriously. Through the remainder of their travels, Derek begins to exhibit strange changes and behaviors while Clif documents these in escalating scenarios.

Why You Should Watch – Frankly the film can be broken down into two parts; the first being Derek’s transformation and the latter half being Derek’s search for answers. Both have very different elements and the switch in tone between the two are fascinating. Derek’s transformation is the highlight of the film. Seeing how he changes and what changes with every moment, along with his and Clif’s reactions, keeps us interested.

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Grave Encounters (2011)

Synopsis – A paranormal investigation team and their crew decide to explore the halls of an abandoned mental institution, deemed to be the most haunted place on earth. The footage that is discovered of their investigation is named as the final episode to their television series: Grave Encounters. With intentions of the venture to be just any “normal show”, the team thinks to fake any sort of ghostly experiences to boost their ratings. As the night carries out and unexplained events begin, the team starts to wonder ‘could the stories of the institution be real?’


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Why You Should Watch – For anyone who loves those ghost hunting shows, this is the pinnacle of an investigation going entirely into chaos. Everything you’d like to see happen when people go searching for spirits happens. The setting is the other thing that really makes the film worth watching. Nothing would be scarier than trapped in an abandoned mental asylum all night. With winding halls and rooms galore to explore, there could be anything lurking in the dark corners of these walls.

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The Den (2013)


Synopsis – Elizabeth is conducting a social experiment for her graduate thesis revolving around the people and the world of the web. She hopes to document how we can connect via social mediums on the internet and the people who dwell online through a chat site called The Den. At first she gets to experience what most come to find in random online chat sites. The world of the friendly, perverse, scam artists, and those looking to get a reaction out of strangers through pranks. One day she comes across a user who shows her such a horrific sight, that it has to be real.

Why You Should Watch – Let’s face it, the internet is a scary place. Period. You could be interacting with anyone, anywhere and there is no certainty to who you’re talking to. This film captures that fear in the back of your mind that maybe in this world of technology, someone is watching you even with the computer in sleep mode.

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Atrocious (2010)

Synopsis – Siblings and amateur paranormal investigators Cristian and July are being forced to spend their vacation at their family’s country side home. Along with parents and younger brother Jose, hopes of a fun get away are saved by an old legend of an ominous ghost woman. This woman is rumored to be in the labyrinth like forest beside their family vacation home. Against the wishes of both parents, Cristian and July explore the diverting paths of the labyrinth in hopes of capturing signs of this ghostly apparition.

Why You Should Watch – Remember the good old days, fiends? When you wanted to go exploring graveyards and old houses hoping to see a ghost? No? Yeah neither did I. These teens are like most with a taste for the creepy. They want to see something supernatural but also don’t want to. This film captures that young, adolescent desire to see more of the unknown, with youthful arrogance. All the different paths and hidden areas that the teens stumble upon in their investigation is interesting, along with a twist you really wouldn’t see coming.

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Heidi (2014)

Synopsis – Two teenage pranksters, Ryan and Jack, are trying to just enjoy their summer and create new content for their prank video channel. Sadly family and responsibilities are making it difficult to spend time making videos. As a part time summer job, Ryan begins caring for and cleaning up an elderly woman’s home while she’s away. On the job, Ryan and Jack discover a passage to the attic of the house to find an eerie doll. The doll named Heidi is found amongst a collection of valuable and old items. After finding this doll, it seems to appear in places it shouldn’t and mysterious murders seem to follow. Could Heidi be linked to these horrific events or is it just coincidence?

Why You Should Watch – Any fans of the Annabelle films will enjoy this. The creepy doll theme has been a host of fears for many fans of horror. What makes Heidi different is that she is just a doll for the film. She is subtle, unlike her major Hollywood counterpart. The fears build up and by the third act, things go straight into slasher territory with gruesome deaths and gore galore.

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HellHouse LLC (2016)

Synopsis – Documentarian Diane Graves looks to interview the sole survivor of a haunted house attraction that experienced a tragedy on it’s opening night five years ago, killing fifteen people. The remaining member of the group, Sara, provides tapes to Diane showing the events before and during the tragedy. Tapes from when the location was purchased, creating the attraction, and strange events that lead to that terrible night might reveal what actually happened.

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Why You Should Watch – For fans of The Houses October Built this is a must see. This film gives audiences more of what they love about October. An in depth look at a group of scare junkies and horror fiends building a haunted attraction for patrons to experience. All the while spooky events begin to creep out the owners. The attraction they build is something that excites you and makes you actually want to attend it. While the ghostly story keeps you glued to story as it plays out.

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The Presence (Die Presanz 2014)

Synopsis – Couple Markus and Rebecca retreat with friend Lukas to an old, abandoned castle rumored to be haunted. Rebecca under the impression that she and Markus were vacationing to spend time together is thwarted. Disappointed to find that she has been roped into another attempt to document spirits with her boyfriend and his friend. What seems to be a well kept old castle turns into nights of strange events and built up tension between the three during their increasingly terrifying nights.

Why You Should Watch – This German film is one that is more along the lines of the Paranormal Activity formula. The film is structured around the nights spent at the castle and the events get creepier with each night. For fans of this structure, seeing it played out in a more remote, exotic area is a breath of fresh air for the genre.

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21 Days (2014)

Synopsis – Three filmmakers set out to challenge the paranormal by barricading themselves in a home where no family has been able to stay in the home for more than 21 days. The families that have lived there have vacated and left their belongings, never returning to the home. Some have even been affected to dark outcomes. As the three try to document and make it through the ensuing days, they become more certain that something evil lurks in the home.

Why You Should Watch – The film has a very Amityville Horror sort of backstory. What makes you want to keep watching is the perspective of being in a home rumored to be haunted and not being able to leave. The tension between the three as things get crazier keeps the momentum going and wonder how they will be able to escape the house.


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WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

Synopsis – Local broadcasting station WNUF aired a special on October 31, 1987 where tv personality Frank Stewart leads paranormal investigators into a supposedly haunted house. The Webber House known for it’s grizzly murders and strange occurrences through the years has become quite the urban legend. With special commercials to keep your Halloween extra creepy, tune in as Frank and company’s investigation unfolds.

Why You Should Watch – If you are nostalgic for anything 80’s, this is the film for you. The camera work and quality if typical of time, giving you a throwback to the days you use to sit by the TV for any sort of specials for Halloween. The film goes as far as to even include actual commercial breaks! Yes, really, there are numerous breaks throughout the film for everyday products and those special to the holiday. They can get a bit tiring (just like when we were kids) but definitely keep up the atmosphere of the film.

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Happy Haunting!