After years of waiting for the The Grudge to make its way through production, we’re finally getting treated to a trailer. As you might hope, long, matted black hair abounds. The trailer also gives us full view of the scalp-hand shower scene that was teased in a recent poster reveal (which serves as a nice homage to earlier films). As far as reboots go, this trailer feels like a good balance of familiar imagery and updated elements.

And probably most importantly: the ghostly death rattle sounds from the original Ju-On and The Grudge films has been conserved in the remake (although there continues to be no sign of a contemporary take on Toshio, the meowing ghost child).


Check out the trailer below.



The Grudge stars Andrea Riseborough (Mandy), John Cho (Searching), Betty Gilpin (GLOW), Demian Bechir (The Nun), and Lin Shaye (Insidious). It is produced by Sam Raimi and directed by Nicolas Pesce (Eyes of My Mother). Pesce also co-wrote the script with Jeff Buhler (Pet Sematary), adapting the original story by Takashi Shimizu to focus on a cursed house that marks anyone who enters, rather than highlighting the human violence that produced the curse. It’s no coincidence that the trailer lingers on the house address 44: as far as Japanese superstitions go, the number 4 is said to be unlucky because one of the readings for the number 4 (shi) closely resembles the word for death. While not quite the same, you can compare this to Western suspicions about 13th floors or houses with 666 addresses.

In a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting, Pesce confirmed that The Grudge isn’t quite a reboot. Instead, it’s showing us a different take of the curse that is happening in a small town in America around the same time that Sarah Michelle Gellar was dealing with her curse in Tokyo in The Grudge (2004). This makes this latest instalment neither a sequel nor a remake. It’s more like a sister film.

The Grudge is set for a theatrical release on January 3rd, 2020.


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[TRAILER] A Curse is Reinvented in First Trailer for THE GRUDGE