A24 has been on a long winning streak with hits like Spring Breakers (2012)It Follows (2014), The VVitch (2015), and recently Midsommar (2019). Whether it be horror, drama, or suspense they have not let us down. Luckily, a new trailer has dropped for one of their new suspense titles and it looks like A24 has struck gold again with Low Tide (2019).

A24 is teaming up with DirecTV to bring a new suspense/thriller that really deals with betrayal, friendship and violence. From what was revealed in the trailer it looks like a trio of burglars have an unfortunate run-in with the police. Of course, that is bound to happen eventually but in the case, they also discover a bag full of doubloons! Now one member of the trio is psychotic with paranoia and rage…and he’s willing to kill his teammates because dead men tell no tales!


I pick up a lot of The Departed (2006) and Usual Suspects (1995) vibes from this trailer because at its roots it is a heist movie with a nice dose of deception surrounding the characters. A huge difference between those movies and this is the age of the characters. While those are about people already involved in that lifestyle, none of these characters are prepared for the repercussions of their actions. Red, an unstable killer whose ever-increasing paranoia leads him to the truth of what was really found that night looks like a wild ride of a performance from Alex Neustaedter, and I know it is going to result in bloodshed.


Official plot:

Alan, Red, and Smitty spend high summer on the Jersey Shore roving the boardwalk and getting into trouble. But the discovery of good old fashioned treasure sets the friends on an escalating course of suspicion and violence in this atmospheric thriller.

Low Tide is director/writer Kevin McMullin’s first feature-length film. It stars Jaeden Martell (IT), Keean Johnson (Alita: Battle Angel), Shea Whigham (Death Note), Alex Neustaedter (A-X-L) and Daniel Zolghadri (Eighth Grade). Low Tide will be coming to theaters October 4th, 2019. Will you be seeing Low Tide? Are you looking forward to Jaeden Martell in a new movie? What has been your favorite A24 film so far? For more discussion on Low Tide or A24 head on over to our FacebookReddit, and Twitter pages!