The new trailer for the Amazon Prime adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s apocalyptic fantasy novel Good Omens just dropped, and it looks like an absolute blast! (And, it’s not just the use of “Under Pressure” that makes me say that.) The 6 episode mini-series will debut on the platform later this Spring!




If the trailer doesn’t sell that enough, maybe the official synopsis from Amazon will:

“The End of the World is coming, which means a fussy Angel and a loose-living Demon who’ve become overly fond of life on Earth are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stop Armageddon. But they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware he’s meant to bring upon the end of days, forcing them to embark on an adventure to find him and save the world before it’s too late.”


From the synopsis and the trailer it looks like Good Omens will be a sort of buddy road trip type thing, but with a biblical twist and the most unlikely alliance possible. It’d be hard to think of more iconic mortal enemies than angels and demons, and that’s exactly what we have here. Not just that, but the casting couldn’t seem any better. For those Doctor Who (2005) fans out there, the sight of David Tennant is enough to bring a sense of joy. While it’s always great to see him play the good guy, he’s has always made a much better bad boy, and there’s no badder boy than a literal demon. Joining him on this apocalyptic adventure is acclaimed film and theater actor Michael Sheen who, along with Tennant, seems to having a great time with his roll. At least from the trailer that is.

One thing that the trailer doesn’t necessarily fully give away, but shows off a little, is the presence of three very well-known actors. As the voice of Death we have the first and most underrated Hannibal Lecter himself Brain Cox, as the voice of Satan there’s the very difficult to say and spell Benedict Cumberbatch, and as the voice of God we’ve got academy award winner Frances McDormand. That’s a lot of talent right there.

While you wait for the May 31st release date for Good Omens, I suggest checking out Lucifer (2015) to get your biblical bad boy fix. What do you think of the trailer? Visit the Nightmare on Film Street Twitter, Facebook group, and official Subreddit to let your thoughts be known.


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