Not that we ever expect him to, but Guillermo del Toro is involved with another movie that looks like it could scare us. Antlers, produced by del Toro has completed filming and we have our first trailer. There is no release date at this time, but so far we know that “A small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff, become entwined with a young student harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences”.

The new film is directed by Scott Cooper from a screenplay by Nick Antosca and C. Henry Chaisson. This will be Cooper’s first foray into the genre but he has directed some pretty heavy films thus far with Hostiles, Black Mass, Out of the Furnace and Crazy Heart. This will also be Chiasson’s first feature-length film that he has co-written, with Nick Antosca who genre fans will no doubt remember from Hannibal, Channel Zero, and Teen Wolf. He also wrote 2012’s The Cottage and The Forest from 2016. Antlers is adapted from a short written by Antosca, who has already proven his ability to adapt creepy pasta into pure, unfiltered nightmare fuel. 


Antlers stars Keri Russell (Dark Skies) as Julia Meadows. Appearing as the sheriff, and her brother, is Jesse Plemons. He is new to the genre, aside from Black Mirror and Breaking Bad. Rounding out the cast are Jeremy T. Thomas (Lore), Graham Greene (Oculus), and Rory Cochrane (Right at Your Door).

I don’t know about you but I was on board the moment that I saw del Toro’s name attached but the more I dug into this, the more interested I’ve become!. What do you think of this news and the trailer? Does it make you interested in checking this out? Let us know if you’re looking forward to seeing Antlers on Twitter, in the Nightmare on Film Street Subreddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!