Fathers often try to pass down their wisdom to their sons, whether that’s how to change a tire, how to mow the lawn, how to talk to girls, or how to shave. But, in Tom Botchii’s feature film debut, Artik, a father passes down his love of killing to his young son. 


Here is the film’s official synopsis: 

A comic book obsessed serial killer teaches his son how to get away with a series of brutal murders until the boy befriends a mysterious man who threatens to expose everything. 


The trailer shows two sides of the story, opening with the mysterious man speaking about his addiction to alcohol and his attraction to chaos. So, of course, we then move to the murderous father-son duo, Artik (Jerry G. Angelo) and Boy Adam (Gavin White). Artik resembles a buff Charles Manson, but instead of music, he is obsessed with creating a comic book. Panels of his work flash onscreen, showing scenes of extreme violence and murder.  


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Artik’s trailer promises a demented tale full of torture that could perhaps be on the level of Saw. Our killer even asks, “do you want to play a game?” after all. What will make this film even more deranged, is the inclusion of a child in all of this violence. In one particularly disturbing moment from the trailer, Boy Adam starts aggressively head-butting a beetle walking up a tree. 

Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, Beyond The Gates), Lauren Ashely Carter (Jug Face, Imitation Girl), and Matt Mercer (Contracted) will also star in Artik. The film was written and directed by Botchii. Its gorgeous poster was designed by Christopher Shy, who also created the poster for Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy

Artik’s world premiere will be at Popcorn Frights Film Fest. It’s coming to digital and VOD on September 10th. What do you think of Artik so far? Will you be putting this one on your watchlist? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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