[Trailer] It’s a BAD MATCH in Tinder-Inspired Horror Thriller

Do you remember Swim Fan? Well, imagine the psycho from that movie if she had access to Tinder. That crazy cocktail is ripe for Horror movie exploitation. Enter: Bad Match.

Jack Cutmore-Scott (Deception) plays a Harris, ayoung guy, who like the rest of his generation, uses a Hot-or-Not style dating app (fashioned in the un-infringing style of Tinder). When he ends up sleeping with and emotionally unstable young woman (Lili Simmons, Bone Tomahawk, Banshee), his life quickly gets upended.



Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott) seems to have it all — a great job, plenty of friends, and an active sex life thanks to a range of dating apps. But that all changes when he matches with Riley (Lili Simmons). Unlike Harris, Riley isn’t looking for a one-night-stand, and while at first, Harris just assumes she’s clingy, he’s about to find out the truth is something far more sinister. From writer-director David Chirchirillo (Cheap Thrills) comes this gripping and fresh take on the date from hell that will make you think twice before swiping.

Brandon Scott, Chase Williamson, Noureen DeWulf, and Seth Morris also co-star.

Bad Match is written and directed by Cheap Thrills writer David Chirchirillo.  The film will be released in select theaters and on VOD on November 3rd.

Beware of Love at First Swipe.


bad match

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