Watch the newly released Trailer for Super Dark Times. In this psychological coming-of-age tale, things take a dark turn (or a super dark turn if you will) for best friends Josh and Zach, when a brutal accident pins them against one another.

Cue the beautiful Allison Bannister; the class hottie that both Josh and Zach have a major crush on. However, she returns those feelings for only one of them, plunging a metaphoric (and possibly literal) knife deep into the heart of the other poor soul. Is it the lovely Allison that sets the boys off? Is it her that turns the best friends into worst enemies?  This trailer sets up both boys coping with the unknown incident in their own way. As they dig themselves deeper and deeper, the friends drift further apart from each other, and from their sanity. Violence becomes the answer as the friends refuse to face the truth.


The official synopsis for the film:

Zach and Josh are best friends growing up in a leafy Upstate New York suburb in the 1990’s, where teenage life revolves around hanging out, looking for kicks, navigating first love and vying for popularity. When a traumatic incident drives a wedge between the previously inseparable pair, their youthful innocence abruptly vanishes. Each young man processes the tragedy in his own way, until circumstances grow increasingly complex and spiral into violence.

Set in the 1990’s, this film will sure give us 90’s babies a hard feeling of nostalgia as they reference James Cameron’s True Lies and Marvel’s The Punisher, along with other throwbacks to the time.

Kevin Phillips’ directorial debut, Super Dark Times, takes the characters on a paranoia-riddled psychological roller coaster in this new trailer. Owen Campbell and Charlie Tahan star in this Psychological Thriller.

Super Dark Times hits theaters on September 29th, 2017.


[TRAILER] Best friends are Worst Enemies in the SUPER DARK TIMES

super dark times

super dark times