Do you ever wonder what would happen if your Amazon Alexa or iPhone’s Siri developed murderous intents? This morning’s release of the second trailer for Child’s Play gives us that horrifying glimpse into technology gone slasher.

Returning to the darker, more horrific tone the original 1988 film carried, director Lars Klevberg incorporates very modern-time fears into the 30-year-old story. If you are prepared to meet your new best friend, check out the trailer below! Be wary, it’s a little spoiler-heavy, though many of us know the basics from the original film anyways.




There’s a lot to unpack here. While the bare-bones of the original film are apparent in the trailer (Chucky being a gift from Andy’s mom, detectives investigating the murders, etc.), this certainly doesn’t look like a shot-for-shot remake. We learn Chucky and the Buddi dolls collectively act as a whole-home hub for other wireless devices manufactured by the fictional Kaslan Corporation. Thermostats, drones, live video feed, and even cars made by Kaslan are susceptible to Chucky‘s will. It’s a pretty radical departure from the original Child’s Play and a modern spin on the story. We also got our first taste of Mark Hamill’s voice-over for the infamous doll! I’d be shocked to hear anyone complain, because frankly, he sounds phenomenal. While actor Brad Dourif will forever be Chucky in many fans’ eyes (mine included), that shouldn’t take anything away Mark Hamill’s work here.

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Directed by Lars Klevberg, Child’s Play stars Aubrey Plaza (Safety Not Guaranteed, Parks and Recreation), Mark Hamill (Star Wars Episode VII: The Last JediBatman: The Killing Joke), Brian Tyree Henry (Hotel ArtemisSpiderman: Into The Spiderverse), Tim Matheson (Animal HouseThe West Wing), Gabriel Bateman (Lights OutOutcast), and David Lewis ( Man of SteelUnspeakable).


What do you think of the new footage? Let us know over on Nightmare on Film Street’s TwitterFacebook, and Instagram pages! Child’s Play will introduce you to your new best friend on June 21st.


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