Craving a little witchy action in your horror scene? Fear not. Dark Sky Films (Dead Night, Emelie, We Are Still Here) will cater to that desire with their teen witch thriller, The Witch Files, releasing on digital platforms and DVD this October 9th.


While spending a dull detention together, an unlikely gathering of teenage girls discovers one of their group may possess supernatural powers. Intrigued, they follow her into the local woods, where they harness the ambient energy of witches who were persecuted there hundreds of years ago.

Realizing they now have the ability to make every desire a reality, the girls form a coven and soon have the entire school under their control. Their newfound power, however, comes at a deadly cost, and before long they find themselves under attack from one of their own … who isn’t about to give up the good life without a fight.
Directed by Kyle Rankin (Infestation, Night of the Living Deb), who also co-wrote the screenplay along with Larry Blamire, The Witch Files stars Paget Brewster (Community), Holly Taylor (The Americans), Britt Flatmo (Super 8), Greg Finley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Tara Robinson. These teens are a part of the story that “is told with a mixture of deft humor and teenage drama.” It will definitely make fans of classics such as The Craft and Mean Girls feel like they are right at home. As an added bonus, Rankin has brought the tried but true sub-genre of found footage along for the ride, and as the trailer shows, it’s utilized in some crafty scenes.

Will you be making your wildest dreams come true with the coven in The Witch Files when it’s available on October 9th? If so, then let us know what you thought on our Twitter or in our Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!