A new Annabelle Comes Home (2019) trailer was recently released, giving us some deeper insight into the terrifying world of Ed and Lorrain Warren. Unlike its predecessors, Annabelle(2014) and Annabelle: Creation, this new installment will involve the Demonologist/Ghost Hunting duo (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively) in more than just a passing reference. The film also appears to be the first in the franchise to really explore the famed artifact room in the Warren’s home.

In the trailer below, The Warrens can be seen driving with the Annabelle doll in the backseat, presumably to take it home after just acquiring it. We’re then shown their room of demon-possessed artifacts and the glass case that the doll will reside in, followed by the couple leaving their daughter, Judy Warren (Mckenna Grace), with a babysitter. A mistake. Obviously. The babysitter quickly grows too curious about the strange objects locked up in the artifact room, accidentally releasing most all of the spirits attached to the various items within the room! Based on this, we can likely expect lots of ghosts causing mayhem in the Warren home.


Official Synopsis:

Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her “safely” behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest’s holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target-the Warrens’ ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends.


Director Gary Dauberman is set to make his feature film debut with Annabelle Come Home, having penned the screenplays for blockbuster horror films Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Nun (2018), and IT (2017). He will share a screenwriting credit with James Wan(The Conjuring) for the film. Annabelle Comes Home will star Vera Farmiga (The Front Runner) as Lorraine Warren, Patrick Wilson (Aquaman) as Ed Warren, and McKenna Grace (Gifted) as Judy WarrenAnnabelle Comes Home is set to be released on June 26, 2019.

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