A brand new trailer for Nova Scotian filmmaker Seth Smith’s new sea-set horror movie The Crescent has landed. In the trailer from Raven Banner Entertainment, a woman and her young son move into a seaside home and, after meeting their new neighbor, their time on the coast quickly spirals into a surreal and unsettling nightmare. Read on for the trailer and a glimpse at the film’s official poster.

According to the film’s synopsis, The Crescent tells the story of a mother and son who have recently lost a loved one and are seeking solace and healing at a beautiful seaside home. Unbeknownst to them, something evil from the sea is lurking closeby. The film stars Danika Vandersteen, Andrew Gillis, Amy Trefry, Woodrow Graves, Terrance Murray, and Britt Loder. The screenplay was written by Darcy Spidle, and  Seth Smith (Lowlife) directed. Smith, who is quickly becoming known among the festival circuit for his surreal and “trippy” film visuals and style, also composed the score.


The Crescent premiered during the Midnight Madness portion of 2017’s Toronto International Film Festival and is currently playing, via Raven Banner, in select theaters across Canada. Raven Banner is the distributor behind such low budget films as The Frankenstein Theory (2013), The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2013), Wolfcop (2014), and others. Next, The Crescent will debut on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and VOD on September 4.



What do you think about the trailer for The Crescent? Will you be checking out the film when it premieres on streaming services this September? I’ve seen the other Raven Banner films mentioned above and thought that each of them were solid efforts with varying levels of success. That, in addition to the creepy and vague trailer, has my interest piqued. Let us know what YOU think in via the social media links below!


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