As if there’s not already a ton of great horror content across several platforms, another potentially great horror show just dropped a trailer today. That show is Swamp Thing, a series inspired by a very creepy and cult favorite DC Comics character of the same name. DC Universe, the company’s own streaming platform, put the trailer up on YouTube just a few hours ago, but you can go ahead and watch it right here:



Swamp Thing will follow the adventures of the titular character as a kind of plant-based guardian against the forces of evil. The series will likely take inspiration from Alan Moore’s run on the comic, a book that put this character on the map and remains one of the most beloved titles in comic book history. Moore’s work is thoroughly rooted in horror, and from what we can see in the trailer, so is the streaming series.


This trailer comes at an interesting time for the series. Just last week, it was announced that DC Universe had abruptly ended production on Swamp Thing, and that the series (and the streaming platform as a whole) was being “reevaluated.” Could that mean that the success of DC Universe rests on Swamp Thing‘s mossy shoulders? Only time will tell, but in this writer’s humble opinion, this trailer gives hope to DC Universe projects coming down the pike. It is unashamed to be truly terrifying, leans on practical effects, and seems to provide a pretty accurate depiction of old Swampy. Hopefully the series will follow through with these elements.

But what do you think of the new Swamp Thing trailer? Does this make you excited for the series, or nervous? And is it enough to get you to sign up for DC Universe? Give us a shout out on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to let us know. And for all your horror movie news, reviews, and interviews, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


(Image via YouTube)