Trailer dropped recently for new documentary Discovering Bigfoot. In the film, we’ll tag along with Bigfoot researchers, Todd Standing and Professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum, as they attempt to encounter a real, living Sasquatch (or Bigfoot).


Television documentaries and series have attempted to prove the existence of this furry, humanoid beast for years. None of them have provided more than midnight tv-watching fodder. Discovering Bigfoot claims to have much, much more; they have stated that film crews have obtained “Indisputable photographic evidence”. Read on for a tease of the exciting footage, and watch the Doc’s trailer, above.


Experience three incredible days in the field with Bigfoot researchers Todd Standing and renowned expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum as they encounter a real live Sasquatch. What we think we know of human origins and evolution is about to change forever as we discover the truth about a species that has remained elusive by outwitting and evading modern man for decades despite his best efforts.

New evidence is revealed through scientific, systematic, and logical processes proving the existence of the Sasquatch species, modern-day descendant of Gigantopithicus, aka Bigfoot. This unprecedented feature film includes:

  • Never-before-seen, extraordinary Sasquatch footage that will shock the world.
  • A terrifying altercation between Todd Standing and three Sasquatch creatures in the wild.
  • Five never-before-seen video encounters with the Sasquatch species and an overview of the life and death struggle that was necessary to acquire them.


Discovering Bigfoot will have a limited theatrical run and will be released on VOD October 27th.


discovering bigfoot documentary
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