The fantastic trailer for Killer Kate! doesn’t reveal much, but makes some things very clear. This flick will be filled with gore, action, laughs and badass female leads. Ummm, count me in!

Killer Kate! is all about family, for the characters and the production. Alexandra Feld (Snow Bride) stars as Kate and produces the film, with her husband Elliot Feld (Slate Your Name) attached as writer and director. This is their first feature as a production team and Elliot’s first as a director. And call my sentimental, but I have a real soft spot for this sort of close-knit independent filmmaking. Clearly Killer Kate! must be a passion project for the two and If the trailer is any indication, they had a lot of fun making it too.




Kate finds herself reuniting with her estranged sister at said sister’s bachelorette party. A group of female friends are headed to a remote house in a beautiful forest and heavens knows that a cabin in the woods never spells trouble in a horror flick. I hate to disappoint, but in this case it does! In a situation reminiscent of other home invasion spookfests, a group of psychos show up hellbent on destruction.

What the killers didn’t expect is that these ladies hold their ground, ready to fight, and defend at all costs. The tone feels very similar to other great horror comedies like Tucker and Dale vs Evil and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. As we horror fiends know, the horror-comedy genre is very tricky to pull off. By the look of this trailer, they have taken quite a crack at it and Killer Kate! looks like a total blast.

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Killer Kate! hits select  theaters on October 26, 2018. Check it out and let us know what you think! This movie looks like one hell of a good time.




killer kate
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