The first trailer for the upcoming horror movie Rock, Paper, Scissors proudly displays the names of the talent behind the camera. Directed by Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night, and Thinner) and written by Victor Miller (Friday the 13th), Rock, Paper, Scissors aims to delve into the mind of a twisted psychopath as he pursues the sister of his last victim and presents horror fans with a new name in terror: Peter “The Doll Maker” Harris.


In addition to the high caliber talent of director and writer, Rock, Paper, Scissors stars Michael Madsen (Species and Species II), Tatum O’Neal (The Runaways), Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch), Luke Macfarlane (TV’s Killjoys), Najarra Townsend (Contracted), Jennifer Titus (Supergator and Zoombies), and Ari Lehmen (Friday the 13th) as Jason (?). Victor Miller shared writing duties with Kerry Fleming. Originally, the film was called Rock, Paper, Dead.


Official Synopsis: 

From the writer of Friday the 13th and the director of Child’s Play comes this tale of a serial killer that’s been cured… or has he been? Released from a mental hospital, Peter (Luke Macfarlane, “Brothers & Sisters”) is haunted by memories of childhood abuse and murder victims while being menaced by the cop who put him away (Michael Madsen, The Hateful Eight). His only friend is pretty neighbor Monica, who says she wants to interview him for a book. But does she have a more sinister motive in mind?

Bearing the poster art tagline of “childs play no longer” (an obvious nod to Holland’s previous work), Rock, Paper, Scissors is scheduled to be released via streaming services on July 23 and also hits Blu-ray and DVD on the same day.

I’m a fan of Tom Holland’s work and I think the trailer for Rock, Paper, Scissors looks promising. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, in the official NOFS Subreddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook! 


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