Dreams are one of life’s most uncharted territories. When a film is released on the basis of dreams, we hope that the film can shed some more light on that unknown. On October 26th, get ready to see another side of that unknown from director David Gleeson (Cowboys & Angels, The Front Line) and IFC Films in the upcoming Don’t Go.


The trailer is filled with glimpses of surreal imagery that promises that there is a dream world within Don’t Go that will blur the line between reality and what lies in the characters’ subconscious. Any film that delves into the world of dreams is instantly set high on the film radar is they are usually some of the most creative and fantastic. David Gleeson’s partner from Cowboys promises just that kind of world within Don’t Go: “IFC’s hugely impressive record of reaching large audiences with prestigious, thought-provoking films makes them the perfect partner to bring this beautiful, unsettling, genre-bending supernatural thriller to U.S. screens”.

Official Synopsis:

Somewhere between dreams and reality lies a terrifying hidden truth… Reeling from the shock of their young daughter’s death, Ben (Stephen Dorff) and Hazel (Melissa George) attempt to restart their lives in a picturesque seaside village. But when the girl begins appearing to Ben in a haunting recurring dream, he becomes convinced that she is attempting to make contact from beyond the grave—and that his nightmare may hold the key to bringing her back to life. As Hazel begins to fear for her husband’s sanity, they are each drawn into a mystery far beyond their understanding. This tantalizing psychological puzzle plumbs the depths of grief and guilt as it unravels the dark secret at its center.


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Stephen Dorff also helped executive produce the film along with Michael Helfant and Bradley Gallo from Amasia Entertainment, Screen Ireland, BAI, and Northern Ireland Screen. IFC Films is handling North American distribution while Radiant Film International will handle the international distribution.

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