From the looks of it, Hell Fest promises to be a welcome return to the kind of slasher flick that was popular during the 1980s and 90s. I mean, it’s like a checklist of slasher movie must-haves. Creepy location? Check. Group of young people ready to be knocked off? Check. A masked killer? Check, Check, Check. Everything seems to be in place for a crowd pleasing good time. Just ahead of the film’s release, a new featurette has dropped and we have it here for you now. In the video, producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses the importance of the film’s setting and promises audiences that “you have a lot more to be afraid of than you thought”.

Hell Fest follows a group of friends on Halloween night as they enter a horror themed traveling carnival. The seasonal event is full of thrilling rides, games, and haunted mazes. But the group is unaware that a real threat is lurking around them. Soon the friends are being killed off one by one by a masked serial killer. Hell Fest stars Bex Taylor-Klaus (MTV’s Scream series), Amy Forsyth (TV’s Channel Zero), Reign Edwards (TV’s The Bold and the Beautiful), Matt Mercurio (Ten: Murder Island), and Tony Todd (Candyman and Final Destination). The film was directed by Gregory Plotkin (Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension) from a screenplay by  Akela Cooper, Blair Butler, and Seth M. Sherwood. Producer Gale Anne Hurd is behind such blockbuster films as Terminator (1984) and Aliens (1986).


To coincide with the film’s release, several Six Flags theme parks will feature Hell Fest mazes as part of their annual Fright Fest. You can read about them here. Hell Fest jump starts the Halloween movie season when it hits theaters on September 28. Will you be there? Let us know on our Twitter and the Horror Movie Fiend Club Group on Facebook.