The mystery surrounding Zach Lipovsky & Adam B Stein’s Freaks grows just a bit more. The first teaser trailer was released on the film’s Youtube page on Monday night ahead of the upcoming world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is only 27 seconds in length, but there are a few new highlights: mysterious floating blood, Mr. Snowcone (Bruce Dern) being extra creepy, perhaps a creature’s hand, Emile Hirsch being ominous, and the first shot of Amanda Crew (Final Destination 3, The Haunting in Connecticut) as Mary. And best we can tell, Lexy Kolker’s (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Chloe has some sort of supernatural ability?

Oh, the cryptic-ness of it all! The teaser tends to give off a Hereditary vibe mixed with a tinge of A Quiet Place. In our previous post on the film, there was talk about how the film may follow the recent trend of children in horror, but perhaps it will follow the trend of families in horror. There is a bit of familial anxiety mixed in with the subtly mysterious imagery. The biggest question derives itself from the title of the film. Who or what are “the freaks”? Will the freaks be actual creatures, or will we dig deeper, and discover that the freaks are or protagonists?




The previous synopsis provided by TIFF has been altered a bit on the film’s Youtube page:

In this science-fiction thriller, a disturbed father locks his bold 7-year-old daughter in a house, warning her of grave dangers outside. But the mysterious Mr. Snowcone convinces the girl to escape and join him on a quest for family, freedom, and revenge.

The film will premiere soon at the Toronoto Internation Film Festival. We will definitely have more answers as reviews start to roll out, a theatrical or VOD release date should eventually be announced, and a full trailer will make its way online.

Until then, what sort of vibe are you getting from Freaks? Is the mystery surrounding the film intriguing? Let us know in the comments below, over on Twitter, or in our Horror Group on Facebook!



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