What horror fan doesn’t love a little blood splatter on their tinseled Christmas tree? Horror and Christmas have gone together for ages, and Epic Pictures’ Dread Central Presents banner is adding to the roster of films that gorify the holiday season with Slay Belles. The film follows three cosplaying ladies who decide to partake in a little mischief on Christmas Eve by trespassing into Santa Land. They aren’t the only ones who will cause the mischief as the ancient demon, Krampus, crashes their party. It’s up to the ladies and Santa, himself, to get rid of Krampus, and save Christmas.

The director, SpookyDan Walker, recently shared his inspiration and intent with the film with Rue Morgue.

“As a horror fan, I’m looking to have fun with a film just as much as I’m looking to get scared, so for my first feature, I set out to make a youthful, fun, female-driven horror film with an iconic monster! Using the Krampus mythology allowed us to bring the fun of Christmas into the genre with weird characters, blood and gore. My personal tastes in horror have always skewed towards the strange, unusual and silly, and I wanted to add my own weird brand of filmmaking to the screen. Slay Belles is a unique film, like a gateway drug into horror, with more campy fun than scares. Horror fans who crave torture porn are not going to like this. I tell everyone that I made a horror film for teenage girls, an important group that is often overlooked when it comes to this genre.”


Walker has been a part of visual effects teams on many films, including Deep Blue Sea and Slither, as well as helped produce Darren Lynn Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival and Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival. Slay Belles is his feature film debut of which Bousman also servea as producer. The film stars Kristina Klebe (Halloween, 2007), Susan Slaughter (Ouija House), and Hannah Wagner (The Devil’s Carnival) as the titular belles along with Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) as our Santa.



Slay Belles will be available on demand and Blu-Ray December 4th. Will you join the Slay Belles and Santa as they save Christmas? I sure as heck am. I mean, Barry Bostwick as Santa! If you do, let us know what you thought over on our Twitter and Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!