[Trailer] Halloween Comes to Bikini Bottom in SPONGEBOB STOP-MOTION SPECIAL

Get ready, scaredypants! This upcoming Friday the 13th (Of October, if ye weren’t awares) the half-hour Halloween special titled Spongebob Squarepants: The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom premieres on Nickelodeon!

This stop-motion special follows Spongebob and pals have to tackle frequent foe the Flying Dutchman (voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray), who arrives in Bikini Bottom ready to scare. This will be the show’s first return to stop motion since It’s a Spongebob Christmas in 2012.


This unique half-hour Halloween spectacular is inspired by the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials of yesteryear. But, forget Christmas; this time, Bikini Bottom is all set up and ready for Halloween! It features Sandy’s tree-dome as a mad scientist’s lab, including a giant Acorn Monster; Mr. Krabs’ restaurant becomes Bikini Bottom Haunted house “The Horrors of the Chum Bucket,” with scenes of Plankton cooking up food; and Plankton’s restaurant as competing haunt “The Horrors of the Krusty Krab,” with scenes of Mr. Krabs turning customers into Krabby Patties! The characters too are set for Halloween. SpongeBob as a flower, Patrick as a knight, Sandy as a mad scientist, Mr. Krabs as a dollar bill, Plankton as a devil, Squidward as himself, and Karen as a cat.


The stop motion feature is quite a departure from the typical episode’s production. Nickelodeon said that 15 boxes of breakfast cereal were used to create texture on Bikini Bottom’s coral reefs, eight pounds of glitter were used to decorate SpongeBob‘s Halloween pineapple house, and hundreds of Popsicle sticks were used to create the planks of the roller-coaster track that Patrick and SpongeBob ride.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom also features an original song, “The Scare Song,” written by Mr. Lawrence, music by Eban Schletter and will be performed by the Flying Dutchman’s crew of ghostly pirate mates.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom debuts at 7 p.m. (ET/PT), October 13th on Nickelodeon.



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