I have spent the last 45 minutes of my life trying to incorporate an “It’s Lit” joke into this article (for The Kids), but it turns out that being 33 prohibits all cool. Luckily for me, HBO’s new teaser trailer for their adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 452 speaks for itself.

Set in an alternate-universe tomorrow (instead of a distant-future like in the novel), Fahrenheit 451 focus on an American society where books are outlawed and any that are found are burned by a squadron of “firemen”. The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther, Overall Dreaminess) as Montag, a member of one of these firefighting squadrons who begins to question his mission and loyalty to the government. Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water, Midnight Special) serves as the film’s fire captain Beatty and Sophia Boutella (Star Trek: Beyond, The Mummy) co-stars as the government informant Clarisse.


Fahrenheit 451- Michael Shannon

Many critics and fans of the novel have viewed this new adaptation as some sort of protest against America’s current governmental “leaders”. Director Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes, Chop Shop) refutes this, reminding everyone that it takes several years to make a film, and Fahrenheit 451 has been in production since long before the last election. “I don’t want to focus on him too much,” Bahrani told the Television Critics Association in regards to Donald Trump, “because I don’t want to excuse the 30, 40 years prior to that.”

No matter where your personal politics land, you can agree that Bradbury’s central themes in Fahrenheit 451 are more relevant today than ever before. Media is a drug, knowledge and education are under attack and it has never been easier to rewrite history. We are inundated with propaganda on a daily basis, and all it takes is a series of Tweets to distract us from the truth. HBO’s adaptation of Bradbury’s masterpiece not only looks amazing, but may also be just the mirror we need to recognize where we are as a society, before it’s too late.

Fahrenheit 451- Sophia Boutella

Are you looking forward to this adaptation of Fahrenheit 451? We here at Nightmare on Film Street will be all over this film and will update you with any new information as it becomes available. There still isn’t a release date, so in the meantime, join our official Facebook Group and let us know what you think.