How many sequels can sequel sequel until a sequel sequels good? Dimension Films hopes the answer to that question is ‘as many as it takes” as they give us the trailer for the tenth installment in the Hellraiser franchise,  Hellraiser: Judgement.

The franchise that Clive Barker blew our minds with 31 years ago has been reduced to a punchline, but long-time special effects artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe is hoping to change all of that. Tunnicliffe, the man responsible for the makeup effects work in every installment since Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, wrote and directed Hellraiser: Judgement. The new film follows three detectives trying to stop a diabolical serial killer as they are sucked into a maze of otherworldly horror, where hellish denizens including the Auditor, the Assessor, and the Jury await to pass judgment.


Hellraiser: Judgement

We have all been waiting for a reboot of the iconic franchise, or at least a sequel that has Barker’s approval. It was announced in 2006 that a remake was on the way, one that was written by Barker and directed by Martyrs’ Pascal Laugier. Unfortunately, none of that has come to pass. Barker has not collaborated with any of the films since the direct sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser II, and all of the sequels since the fifth installment have gone direct to DVD. Both Judgement and 2011’s Hellraiser: Revelations (featuring #DadBodPinhead) seem to have been made with the sole purpose of retaining the rights to the franchise. Here’s to hoping that they are acting in good faith, trying to get the remake off the ground instead of just hoarding the rights so that others can’t have them.

Hellraiser: Judgement will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 13th, just in time to pick up a copy for your sweetheart. I have been known to be hard on the last few installments in the franchise, but I also truly hope that Tunnicliffe can use his fandom to deliver a sequel worthy of Barker’s creation.

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Hellraiser: Revelations- Pinhead

#DadBodPinhead has such sights to show you.