Have you ever wanted to see a horror comedy that combines Time Travel, Extraterrestrials, and College kids celebrating New Year’s Eve? Well start your engines – or power-up your inter-dimensional travelling device – because Alien Party Crashers has made its way to North American shores!


In the film, a London DJ returns to his home in Wales to host a New Year’s Eve party. When a wave of time travelling aliens descend on the party, he and his friends must protect their rural valley from the invaders.


“From Welsh writer/director Peter Stray comes the frighteningly fun story of a group of friends at a New Year’s Eve bash in the Welsh Valley, who must fight against an invasion force of time travelling aliens. The film stars Robert Pugh (”Game Of Thrones”, ”Doctor Who”, Master & Commander) and Hannah Daniel (Netflix’s ”Hinterland”).”


The film was released overseas as Canaries, but makes it’s debut in the US & Canada under the title Alien Party Crashers. Rightly so – we Americanos love us some B-Movie fun! Check out the trailer above, and the just released poster at the bottom of this article!

Want to check out Alien Party Crashers? Well lucky you – it’s now available on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray from Hi Octane Pictures! Grab your copy here.

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And, after you check it out – let us know what you think about Alien Party Crashers! Is it the B-movie alien romp of our dreams? Did you bust a gut? Sound off with the Nightmare on Film Street community over on Twitter, our Official Subreddit, as well as the Horror Movie Fiend Club group on Facebook!

alien party crashers
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