[Trailer] IMPOSSIBLE HORROR Terrorizes the Neighbourhood

Impossible Horror is a Canadian independant Horror film having its world premiere at this year’s upcoming  Toronto After Dark Festival. The film is a horror comedy from writer/director Justin Decloux (Teddy Bomb) and produced by Emily Milling after completing a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds. Impossible Horror is a film about being creative, grappling with a fear of the unknown, and kicking supernatural butt.

Watch the trailer for Impossible Horror, above.


Toronto After Dark describes the film as;

[..]a fresh, innovative, supernatural thriller with a delightfully dark and twisted sense of humour. After Lily, an insomniac young filmmaker, starts to hear a recurring sinister scream every night outside her apartment window, she teams up with a friend Hannah to try and track down the source of the terrifying noise. Soon the intrepid duo’s investigations lead them into a dark and sinister tangled web involving shadowy figures and a deadly supernatural force beyond their comprehension. An absolute treat for horror fans, IMPOSSIBLE HORROR takes you on a creepy, freaky mystery ride with nods to plenty of cult classics on the way.

impossible horror movie toronto after dark

Official Synopsis:

Living on her own for the first time in her life, wannabe-filmmaker Lilium Verzier finds herself trapped in an endless waking cycle of insomnia and creative depression, only broken by the series of BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS heard each night outside her apartment. In her quest to find something to do during her sleepless evenings, she grabs her video camera and trusty baseball bat and wanders into the night to find the source of the scream.

Lily reluctantly finds inspiration and companionship in a fellow scream-hunter named Hannah. Together they begin to unfold the increasingly complex mystery of the scream, involving a series of haunted items appearing around the city, a string of bizarre suicides, and a sinister cult of failed artists tasked with feeding a primordial beast whose hunger will never be satisfied. Can Lily and Hannah beat the scream together before being sucked into the madness and obsession that comes with solving an endless mystery? Or will they be the ones left screaming?

The film will premiere at the Toronto After Dark Festival on October 16th, at 9:00pm. If you’re in the Toronto area, you can purchase tickets on the festival’s website. Toronto After Dark runs from October 12-20th. Check out the festival’s entire schedule in our recent article!


impossible horror movie toronto after dark

impossible horror movie toronto after dark

impossible horror movie toronto after dark





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