We’ve all at some point probably were hit with a chain letter through e-mail or social media. When we were younger, we might have thought it would really, actually curse us. But what if it could? That is what we get with the new trailer for BOO!. This indie horror film made its festival rounds and Front Row is releasing it overseas later this month.



A torn suburban family refuses to heed the warning of an innocent prank left upon them which causes an unknown supernatural force to wreak havoc.



Just looking through the cast and crew of BOO!, we have some intriguing information. It’s directed and co-written by Luke Jaden. He directed a few shorts and this is his first feature-length film. He did direct a short for an anthology horror film Dark, Deadly & Dreadful that saw its release last year. Diane Michelle shared the writing duties with Jaden. They’ve worked together in the past, but none of it in the genre.


They are working with some actors who do have some experience in horror, which should help. Aurora Perrineau was in Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare last year as Giselle Hammond. She was also in the horror/comedy Freaks of Nature a few years ago. Jaden Piner is new in the industry, but made a splash appearing in the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. Also joining them is Jill Marie Jones, who has done horror television work with Sleepy Hollow and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Rob Zabrecky is also rounding out the cast who has appeared in A Ghost Story, Lost River and Decay. It definitely has an interesting group to bring to life this concept.

After watching the trailer, BOO! does give off a Truth or Dare vibe in taking something harmless and making it into a curse which is fitting to have an actress like Perrineau as a part of this cast. The producers of Insidious and Sinister are also behind this film, which I got that vibe as well from the trailer as well. There still looking for distribution in the United States, but stick with us as more information becomes available.


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