The next installment of the Blumhouse horror anthology web series Into the Dark, has dropped the trailer for Valentine’s Day segment Down.

The Hulu exclusive Into the Dark series is doing something quite revolutionary – releasing 12 film-length episodes revolving around holiday horrors in a single calendar year. Starting with Halloween in 2018, they’ve released a new installment each month, coinciding with a Holiday. Previous films have included The Body (Halloween), Flesh and Blood (Thanksgiving) , and Pooka (Christmas).


In Down, Into the Dark veers towards found footage in a romance-driven thriller, perfect for Valentine’s Day. With the tagline “This Valentine’s Day, it’s going…Down.”, it’s only fitting that we follow two office workers trapped in an elevator car on Valentine’s day weekends. The pair start as strangers, but maybe it’s the claustrophobia, maybe it’s the lack of air.. but a relationship begins to blossom. But remember, this is Blumhouse we’re talking about, here. It’s going to take a turn for the worse.



Daniel Stamm directs the latest installment.  He is the director who brought us 2010’s The Last Exorcism, Intruders as well as episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and Scream. Kent Kubena is the writer, and Down will serve as his first writing credit. He isn’t new to the genre, though. Kent was the executive producer of Lost Boys: The Thirst and Turistas. He also co-produced 2006’s Black Christmas. It will be interesting to see what ideas he has come up with for Down.

Natalie Martinez will star alongside Arnie Pantoja, Matt Lauria and Christina Leone. Martinez appeared in last year’s Keep Watching and the television series From Dusk Till Dawn. Pantoja doesn’t have any credits in the genre aside from voicing Damian in Resident Evil: Vendetta. This brings me to Lauria. Many will remember him from his days on the series Friday Night Lights or Kingdom. This will be his first foray into the genre. Leone has done a lot of television work which includes Scream Queens.

Into The Dark’s Down will be hit Hulu on February 1st. Will you be checking it out as part of your Valentine’s Day plans?  Let us know on TwitterReddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!