Horror films about art and artists (Art-House Art Horror?) have brought us some of the most terrifying and anxiety-inducing scenes in the past few years. With films like Nicolas Winding Refn’s Neon Demon (2016), the exceptional 2018 remake Suspiria, Adam Green’s 2014 meta-masterpiece Digging Up The Marrow, and the supremely underrated Starry Eyes (2014). Thankfully 2019 will be adding another film to that Art-House Art Horror (coined that term, definitely trademarked now) list with horror hound Joe Begos’ trippy as hell flick Bliss.


In our own Grant DeArmitt’s words:

Bliss is a coked-up, black-out, punk-rock, really really LOUD vampire movie. In fact, just calling Bliss a movie doesn’t exactly capture the feeling you get watching it in a theater. It’s a lot more like a concert, where the speakers are about to explode and the performers look possessed on stage. . . . From the second the acid-trip technicolor title cards explode on screen until the pulse-pounding credits, it feels like there are only a few moments of relief from eardrum-shattering LSD simulations.

To me, that sounds like some incredibly powerful words of affirmation that tickle my fancy quite a bit.



Bliss has a pretty dope cast with front runner Dora Madison (Into the Dark: All That We DestroyHumans vs Zombies). as well as, the walking embodiment of what white privilege would look like if it were a person, Rhys Wakefield (The PurgeBerserkTrue Detective), Matt Mercer (ArtikContracted), and horror filmmaker Graham Skipper (Sequence BreakAlmost Human).

This Blissfully bloody vamp-art film is brought to us by Joe Begos, the beloved writer/director of some truly spectacular genre films like 2015’s The Mind’s Eye (which features two cast members of Tom Botchii’s satisfyingly goretastic debut feature Artik), with his most known film being the incredibly fun throwback/retro flick Almost Human (2013). To boot, Bliss was the 2019 Official Selection at The Tribeca Film Festival, Frightfest London, Sitges, and Fantasia Fest!

While we are still awaiting a release date to whisk us off into blissful psychosis, this loud and bloody trailer will have to suffice. Are you pumped to catch Joe Begos’ third feature, or doesn’t it seem up your alley? Sound off over on Twitter, Reddit, and the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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