If Shudder gets credit for anything more than it’s incredibly creepy catalog, it should get credit for knowing the heart of horror fans. From content to collaborators, Shudder seems to know what we dig and gives it to us happily. Right now, what horror fandom craves most is quality and nostalgia. So, it’s no surprise that the one and only Joe Bob Briggs would fit the bill perfectly. But even they couldn’t predict how desperately we needed Joe Bob’s unique perspective on and genre know-how.

As we all remember, Joe Bob’s 24-hour movie marathon The Last Drive-In broke records, hearts, and the internet. His Thanksgiving and Christmas specials were just as well received and taking the hint, Shudder is bringing back Joe Bob permanently with a weekly series. The buzz is already growing and production is underway. Today, they dropped a trailer for the show. So, stop what you’re doing and check it out now!


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Joe Bob was born in my home state of Texas and first worked as a film critic at periodicals like Texas Monthly and the Dallas Times Herald. Soon his encyclopedic knowledge and endless love of exploitation and horror films became apparent and this became his thing. He started promoting and doing reviews of genre pictures and found his voice. He ditched the suit and desk for a snap down western shirt and a Lone Star beer.

Soon he found fame through a show on TMC called Joe Bob’s Drive In. He came up with a ‘one man show’ approach and placed the focus on talking about the movies like a fan more than a critic. He also developed a thesaurus worth of terms and phrases that were uniquely Joe Bob and ended each review with a summary of this high points. Those high points of course were things like the number of breasts, decapitations and stabbings in the picture. The show, under several names and on several channels, ran from 1986-2000.

Through Shudder TV, Joe Bob is back with all new reviews and deep dives into your favorite cult classics. This time he will be hosting the show live on the streaming service every Friday starting March 29, 2019. Let us know if you’ll be tuning in over on Twitter, in the official NOFS Subreddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!