The trailer for Alexandre Aja (Haute TensionHorns)’s latest project Crawl is here and it looks like its going to be a triple-threat claustrophobia – natural disaster – killer animal horror thriller. The film comes to us from Raimi productions, and is produced by Aja, Raimi, and Craig Flores (300). Check out the gatorific trailer below.


Here’s the official synopsis:

When a massive hurricane hits her Florida hometown, Haley ( Kaya Scodelario, Maze Runner) ignores evacuation orders to search for her missing father (Barry Pepper, True Grit). Finding him gravely injured in the crawl space of their family home, the two become trapped by quickly encroaching floodwaters. As time runs out to escape the strengthening storm, Haley and her father discover that the rising water level is the least of their fears.


So, not only are Haley and her father trying desperately not to drown in their own flooding crawl space as a category 5 hurricane pummels their home, but they have to contend with violent alligators, and, if the abandoned nest Haley discovers in the trailer is any indication, they have to contend with a lot of violent alligators(this film does take place in Florida, after all).


Footage for Crawl was shown a few weeks ago at CinemaCon, and the consensus seems that the movie is going to be “bloody and chaotic” and a whole lotta fun, which is exactly what we’d hope for from an Aja-Raimi team-up.

Crawl floods theatres July 12th.

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