Leprechaun Returns bringing loads of gore and tongue-in-cheek magic with him. The new film is the eighth within the series, with SyFy breathing new life into the franchise. It’s been almost five years since the last Leprechaun release, but this boasts impressive qualifications with The Void’s Steven Kostanski as director and Ash vs. Evil Dead’s Suzanne Keilly writing the script. Although the movie will be missing both Jennifer Aniston and Warwick, Mark Holton returns to reprise his role, Ozzie, from the original. And in the titular role stars Linden Porco as our new Leprechaun.

The film itself revolves around a group of girls tearing down and revitalizing an old cabin to turn into (what else?) a new sorority house. The trailer doesn’t hold back as it shows blood, guts, and even a bit of gold.




The kicker of the film is that it’s a direct sequel to the first one. Completely ignoring its predecessors (looking at you, Leprechaun Origins) the film hopes to revitalize the franchise, with Keilly at the helm of the script and Kostanski in the director’s seat. SyFy describes it as a “modern day revival,” showing the Leprechaun emerging from the well Jennifer Aniston trapped him in, 25 years ago. Hopefully, Returns will wipe away the previous films (although we can always hope for a return from Ice-T) and set its course back onto horror with a twist of comedy.

Horror-humor is a tricky space to occupy, but also one of the best and if anyone deserves better treatment, it’s Leprechaun. While each movie in the series got progressively campier, the first stood solid with a memorable villain brought to life by Davis and a then-unknown starlet battling an Irish fairy. In North Dakota of all places!

Leprechaun Returns is being released by Lionsgate on Digital and On Demand December 11, 2018. Are you excited to see a fresh take on the Leprechaun saga? Let us know on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook. 


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