Happy Tuesday! We finally have the Midsommar trailer – and – a new version of the Hereditary tongue click. Now, we have to fear loud exhaling. This trailer is a hodge podge of disturbing images that tease a horrifying story. Thank you, Mr. Aster.

Midsommar’s trailer starts as deceptively peaceful as its promos, full of colorful flowers and women in pristine white dresses in a bright, idyllic valley. Voiceover tells us that this 9-day festival takes place every 90 years, so this is a rare experience. It seems like something out of a fairytale, with flower crowns, a carriage, and joyful dancing—an Instagram influencer’s dream, rife with photo opps. The figures from the teaser animations make an experience as they seem to decorate the walls of buildings, again creating an image of pastoral beauty.

However, this image of beauty quickly unravels as the voiceover transitions to a woman speaking in a pleasant-enough voice as someone is waking up. This person cannot move, cannot speak, and their defenses have been broken down to open them up to the influence. Of what, we don’t know but I’m guessing it’s some terrifying demon.

Blood is smeared on what looks like runes. A cadaver lays open with its guts exposed. It’s a pagan, pastoral nightmare that ends with agonized screaming, though we aren’t shown why. Midsommar’s trailer reveals almost nothing other than a series of increasingly awful horrors.

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This trailer shows how hard Midsommar is leaning into its pagan influence, much more than in Aster’s 2018 debut, Hereditary. We’ve got runes, sacrifice, weird rituals, we just need to know to what end. Aster calls the film a “Scandinavian folk horror,” and also describes it as “an apocalyptic breakup movie.”

Florence Pugh (Malevolent, Lady MacBeth) and Jack Reynor (Kin, Sing Street) will play Midsommar’s couple. Will Poulter (Bandersnatch, The Little Stranger), and William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) will also star in the film.

Midsommar is set to be released this Sommar. Are you ready for the festivities to begin? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!