It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve seen Lindsay Lohan’s name grace the news in something that wasn’t related to drama. But here we have it, a new flick starring Lindsay – and it gets better. She’s a vampire, in a werewolf movie taking place in Europe. Among the Shadows is the first she’s acted since 2013’s The Canyons.

Alongside Lohan, the movie stars Charlotte Beckett (All The Money In The World) and Gianni Capaldi (Blood of Redemption). Directed by Tiago Mesquita and written by Mark Morgan, the film was originally titled The Shadow Within and shot in 2015 but was held for release until now.


The film features Beckett as Kristy Wolfe, who happens to have the most telling last name of all time. Wolfe is indeed part of a werewolf clan, and a private investigator as well. Wolfe attempts to solve the mystery that her uncle’s murder is entrenched in but finds herself enlisted by Patricia Sherman, played by Lohan. Sherman is the wife of European Federation President Richard Sherman, a powerful political player whose in danger from an outside force. Both her and her husband are part of a vampire clan, and are naturally the sworn enemies of the werewolves. The Shermans need help, and the only people who can seem to help are those they are sworn to fight against. Murder and mayhem run rampant, scattering bodies over the city. The movie focuses the supernatural battle against the even spookier backdrop of politics. There’s enough of a political scandal and backdrop in to counteract the age-old story of monster versus monster. The story almost sounds familiar, only with the added bonus of Lindsay Lohan.


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The trailer reads like a corny horror flick in the best possible way. With over the top visuals and snarky dialogue the movie seems like it’ll be a good time. So far the film lacks a release date, but hopes to acquire distribution at the European Film Market which takes place later this month. 

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