First things, first: Vampyrz on a Boat is a misleading title. Not because there aren’t vampires (there are!) but because clearly they’re on a ship. But Vampires on a Ship just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Here’s the official description!

Sara (Carrie Keagan, V/H/S ViralSharknado 4: the 4th Awakens) and Max (Dallas Valdez, Valentine DayZ) a couple whose new whirlwind romance is interrupted by a vampire outbreak on a medical research ship. Max will stop at nothing to get back the girl of his dreams, even if it means several heads will roll.


This indie horror comes to us from Fire Breathing Films and director Mark Allen Michaels, who also directed Valentine DayZ (2018), a zombie flick featuring the same main actors playing characters with the same names (Max and Sara) as in Vampyrz on a Boat. It’s unclear if this is meant to be a follow-up film in the same universe. The trailer doesn’t give too much away by way of plot.


Fun Fact: Vampyrz on a Boat was filmed on the historic SS Lane Victory ship in San Pedro, California (As a Canadian, non-war history buff, I had to look this up: but it’s an American cargo ship used in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. She’s no stranger to the big screen; SS Lane Victory can be spotted in a slew of films from Pearl Harbor (2001) to G.I. Jane (1997)).

Vampyrz on a Boat doesn’t have an official release date yet — so stay tuned for updates.


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