In this ever evolving era of technology, movies are something that definitely try to keep up with the trends. This is especially true for horror films. That is something that we are going to get with The Cleansing Hour. This is an independent title that is going to follow two millennial entrepreneurs who run their own webcast where they live-stream exorcisms. They’re in for more than they bargained for when their latest actress, Lane (Alix Angelis) actually becomes possessed. If this sounds like some cheesy ghostly, don’t be too hasty. It was picked up by everyone’s favorite horror streaming service, Shudder, who just released the trailer.



The Cleansing Hour is directed and co-written by Damien LaVeck. His background is quite interesting in that he’s done a lot of editing for television and is also the editor for this movie. That makes the premise even more interesting with a background like this. The Cleansing Hour is also his sophomore effect at directing. Last year he was in charge of Dark, Deadly & Dreadful, an anthology genre film. He did also direct the short that this movie is the feature-length version of. His co-writer is Aaron Horwitz, who came up with the story. He’s also worked a lot in television and comes from an accomplished family.

Together they will work an intriguing cast. Their stars are Kyle Gallner (Jennifer’s Body, The Haunting in Connecticut) as Drew and Ryan Guzman (The Boy Next Door) as Max. They’re going to be our con-artists. Also with them is Emma Holzer who was in 2015 delayed film The Blackcoat’s Daughter as Lizzy. I’ve already brought up that Angelis will be the actress with Tara Karsian being the voice of whatever is inside of her. Seems like a mix of horror ‘vets’ along with some new blood, so I’m curious how they will mesh.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

The Cleansing Hour is currently making its festival rounds so there isn’t a release date to when it will hit Shudder. If you’re in the Austin area, it will be playing there later this month at Fantastic Fest. I don’t know about you, but this has peaked my interest, especially with Shudder picking it up.


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