We’re a little over a week away from the third season premiere of Netflix’s anthology series, Slasher, subtitled Solstice. Bloody-Disgusting recently revealed all of the details that were shrouded in secrecy, including the official full plot synopsis as well as the trailer for the season.

Slasher: Solstice’s main baddie, dubbed The Druid, is seeking revenge on occupants of an apartment complex who were all witnesses to the murder of a man, but none of them came forth to help with the investigation of the murder. A year after the event, the masked intruder begins to stalk and murder the occupants one by one during the annual Summer Solstice.


The trailer sets up many victims who we’ll see meet their end per The Druid, but may also meet their end due to each other. Traces of racism and classism are evident within the trailer. The show’s creator, Aaron Martin, stated that these things were intentionally included. “Slasher is a character-driven contemporary murder mystery, set in a classic slasher film environment. This season, I am excited that in addition to telling a gripping horror story, based on true crime cases, we were able to grapple with some important issues including anti-immigration bias and bullying”.

The usual appreciated tropes of the slasher formula are also very present within the trailer: gore, red herrings, sex, and – for today’s standards – plenty of neon lighting. Another nice little surprise? Paula Brancati, who portrayed Dana in season 2’s Guilty Party, returns! No official word on if she will reprise the role of Dana. Either way, she was a highlight of season 2 so it’s exciting that she’s returning. The cast also consists of Salvatore Antonio, Lisa Berry, Gabriel Darku, Erin Karpluk, Dean McDermott, Mercedes Morris, Ilan Muallem, Paulino Nunes, Baraka Rahmani, and Joanne Vannicola. Each episode is directed by Adam MacDonald (Pyewacket, Backcountry).

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Get ready for all the bloody goodness when Slasher: Solstice premieres Thursday, May 23, exclusively on Netflix. Will you celebrate the Summer Solstice with The Druid’s revenge? Let us know on our Twitter, reddit, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!