Everyone thinks that mermaids are beautiful, kindly ocean-dwellers. The Mermaid’s Song trailer gives us a peek at just how wrong we really are. With sharp-toothed sea creatures taking over a 30’s Dust Bowl town, it’s mankind against magic as a woman struggles to keep her family’s business alive and her powers a secret.

Mermaid’s Song takes Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid fairytale to horrifying new levels. The trailer follows Charlotte (Katelyn Mager) as she makes a deal with gangster Randall (Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon). Along the way, Charlotte’s family gift (mermaid powers that allow her to control humans with the sound of her voice) is revealed, making her a target for other unsavory townsfolk. The Mermaid’s Song is action-packed, with plenty of transformation sequences and set pieces fit for a travelling carnival. If you’re into period pieces with a mythical twist, this is the trailer for you.




You may find it a bit odd to see any ocean-based creatures in a land-locked state, but director Nicholas Humphries and distributor Wilde Eye Releasing blended mermaids seamlessly into the environment; like that of a poison dart frog, their scaly blue bodies stand out against the grainy beige parlors and corn fields — a sign that they are beautiful but deadly.

Mermaid’s Song is actually an expanded version of Humphries’ 2011 short, The Little Mermaid, where a captured mermaid is held against her will as the main attraction at a circus. That short was expanded again in 2015 as Charlotte’s Song, then repackaged as the current story. If there wasn’t a market for bloodthirsty sirens already, Mermaid’s Song proves that theory wrong. Charlotte and her mer-powers are clearly to be reckoned with, with the trailer hyping up these monsters from the ocean depths. Ariel, eat your heart out!

The Mermaid’s Song is available to watch on streaming platforms now.


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