Distinguishing it apart from a saturated genre of murder/crime mysteries, Mindhunter has set the bar high when it comes to stunning cinematography, attentiveness to detail, character development, and a palpable sense of uncertainty. With the success of David Fincher’s crime series in its freshman season, Netflix has released the much anticipated full trailer for Mindhunter season two, coming August 16th, 2019. The second season will feature recurring cast members Jonathan Groff (special agent Holden Ford), Holt McCallany (special agent Bill Tench), and Anna Torv (psychology professor Wendy Carr).

Season two will focus primarily on the Atlanta child murders, which took place between the years 1979 and 1981. Within this time frame, it has been reported that at least 28 people were murdered; including children, teenagers, and a few adults (primarily African Americans). The trailer reveals the expansion of Ford and Tench’s criminal profiling study, known as the Behavioral Science Unit (B.S.U), in an attempt to mold their discipline into an applicable practice on the investigative field. With Ford and Tench investigating the child murders in Atlanta, conflict begins to brew between investigators, law enforcement, the Ku Klux Klan, and the local African American community.




Mindhunter: Season 2 will also further delve into character development and inner turmoil amongst our protagonists; as well as illustrate themes of racism, political influence, and violence. The second season will also revisit characters from season one such as Dennis Radar (aka the BTK Strangler) and Ed Kemper; meanwhile shining light on new faces including Son of Sam (can be seen in the teaser trailer for season two) and Charles Manson. These were all prominent killers throughout the 1970’s.

Mindhunter season two will premiere on Friday, August 16th, 2019 on Netflix. The series will continue to be directed by David Fincher (Seven) as well as Andrew Dominik (Killing Them Softly), Carl Franklin (House of Cards), Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror: 2005), Asif Kapadia (Amy), and Tobias Lindholm (The Hunt).


Be sure to play catch up and binge season one if you haven’t had the chance already. If you’re a Mindhunter fan, let us know who your favorite characters and/or episodes are.

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Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper in Mindhunter