Can’t get enough of Making A Murderer? Say no more. Netflix just released its trailer for the second season, hinting at possible closure to the decades-old case of Teresa Halbach and her accused killer Steven Avery.  

Witness the continuation of Avery’s unfortunate run-ins with the law and his fight to prove his innocence. The second season starts where the first left off and now that the Avery case has garnered so much attention worldwide, there’s a massive push from thousands of supporters. As well, famed attorney Kathleen Zellner, is on the case and working toward exonerating Avery once and for all. Zellner takes the lead here, as she fights to shine light on inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case. Featuring more interviews and highlighting the growing problem of coerced confessions, Making A Murderer’s second season will be as dramatic as ever.  


Obviously guilty or undeniably innocent, Steven Avery’s story is one for the books. If you’re into true crime, this hotly debated case should strike your fancy. With Making A Murderer‘s high reception upon its 2015 release, the second season’s dive into the world of false confessions and court proceedings brings viewers deeper and deeper into the case. Not only do we get a glimpse inside court proceedings of a high-profile case, we see the toll it takes on the families involved. What’s even more astounding is the impact it’s had on the public in general — we see crowds of onlookers holding signs outside of the courthouse while interviewees worry about the town’s legacy.

So who is at fault? Is Avery the cold-blooded killer the prosecution makes him out to be, or are the police trying to play the blame game? No matter whose side you’re on, the newest season of Making A Murderer will continue the debate about America’s legal system and how we deal with crime.

Making A Murderer’s 10-episode second season will stream on Netflix October 19. If you’re excited for another dose of the true-crime docu-series, let us know on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.