You have to give hand it to the CW. With its slate of DC original programming like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, soon to be hit Batwoman, to it’s ever-popular Riverdale, the little broadcaster that could has most definitely come a long way from the late 90s and the teenage escapades of Dawson’s Creek. Now a legitimate creative force, the CW continues its slate of original programming with Nancy Drew.

From producers Stephanie Savage and John Schwartz of CW’s risque reboot Dynasty, comes a modern take on Nancy Drew. Based on the collection of mystery novels first arriving on bookshelves in the 1930s and ending publication in 2003, the character of Nancy Drew has endeared decades of cultural change all while remaining true to the groundbreaking nature of her character. A strong and creative problem solver from the get-go, Nancy Drew has been on the case ever since “The Secret of the Old Clock,” first published in May 1930.




CW brings Nancy back into the cultural fold with a new take that feels inspired by both Riverdale and Netflix’s stellar The Haunting of Hill House. Not your all-American take on the collection of stories, the trailer for the series provides a thorough look into what promises to be yet another CW teenage drama, with its fair share of intrigue, suspense and mature sensibilities. 

Starring relative newcomer Kennedy McMann in her first starring role, the series tells the story of Nancy, who encounters a family tragedy (and mystery) as she is about to embark to college. In true Nancy Drew fashion, the intrigue of the unknown sets Nancy on a  journey where the death of a high society member of Horseshoe Bay threatens to expose the ugly underbelly of her once quaint community. Sounding a lot like Riverdale Season 1, the trailer promises yet another story of teens caught in the middle of murder, secrecy with a twist of the supernatural.

Nancy Drew arrives this fall on the CW.

With a fair share of “viewing cred”, anything new from the CW tends to be worth an initial watch. Are you interested in the CW’s new take on Nancy Drew? Will you be tuning in? Let us know over on Twitter, Reddit, or the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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