Stray, directed by Joe Sill, is a futuristic horror-fantasy hybrid that centers around an orphaned young woman, Nori (Karen Fukuhara), who teams up with a detective (Christine Woods) to investigate her mother’s death. The first trailer, released earlier this month, reveals that the case has a supernatural bent, and that Nori possesses powers that may turn her into the next target. Together, Nori and Detective Murphy must team up against a powerful force that threatens the city.

This new Stray clip (courtesy of Dread Central) starts off feeling like a scene from any police procedural: a morgue tech (Bob Bancroft) and Detective Murphy stand over a mangled and burnt-looking corpse. But then it quickly gets eerie when the technician reveals he performed carbon-14 dating on the body, and it appears to be over one thousand years old.


If it strikes you as weird that a morgue tech turned to carbon-14 dating — a method usually used to estimate the age of remains and artifacts from archeological sites — on what otherwise appeared to be a recently dead body, it wasn’t just some crazy hunch. Over the past 60 years or so, radiocarbon levels in the environment have been fluctuating enough that we can actually identify when a person was born and how old they were when they died with a reasonable degree of accuracy by looking at the presence of radiocarbons in their tissues (thanks, nuclear testing!). Of course, the morgue tech was hoping to use carbon-14 dating to estimate the age of the remains and confirm that his suspicions about the body’s identity were correct. What he didn’t expect was for analysis to reveal that the body is in fact petrified.

But what exactly put the body in this state? What exactly are Nori’s powers and what ties her to this mysterious threat? Stray is set to release March 1 on VOD and I can’t wait for answers. Let us know if you’re excited to see Joe Sill’s Stray on Twitter, in the official NOFS Subreddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!