Human beings are incredibly vulnerable during sleep, in times of grief, and when they believe they’re safe in their homes. Movies like the  Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the Paranormal Activity series, and The Babadook (2014), have each focused on one of those particular moments of peril and weakness to create some truly terrifying films. What happens though when one movie takes a look at all three of those vulnerable situations? If the trailer to the upcoming feature film After She Wakes, which appears to meld the DNA of those three previously mentioned horror classics into one new story, is any indication, you get a haunting and very creepy film.

After She Wakes is the first full-length feature by writer/director David Arthur Clark. It follows a grieving mother whose nightmares begin to manifest in sinister and seemingly supernatural ways.  This leads her to believe she’s being stalked by an unseen figure. In the trailer, we see her skeptical husband wire their home with video cameras to placate his wife. We also see some found footage style scares. (Hence my Paranormal Activity comparison.) Eventually, the grieving mother’s mysterious sleep disorders being to terrorize her husband and their young daughter.



Distributor Gravitas Ventures provided an official synopsis for them film with the trailer:

After She Wakes stars Hannah Ward as a narcoleptic mother who suffers from terrifying sleep disruptions as she tries to deal with ongoing grief following the tragic death of her infant son. Her family begins experiencing different episodes of parasomnia including night terrors and sleep paralysis, leaving them unable to move and only able to witness horrific visions. These nightmares become too disturbing as they create a rift in their own realities causing the mother to believe someone or something is watching her sleep every night.


After She Wakes is available on-demand December 2019. Will you be keeping an eye open for it? Sound off with the Nightmare on Film Street community over on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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