[Trailer] ONE OF US Promises Charm, Charisma, and Cults

Cults are so hot right now. With the impending news of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘not a Manson murder movie, but maybe also a manson murder movie‘, recently released The Jackals, The Endless, and documentary Charles Manson: The Final Words.. there’s not shortage of spooky, brainwashing for the greater good.

And come December 12th, indie horror ONE OF US will be throwing its hat into the ring. The film follows a woman on the hunt for her lost friend, whose last known whereabouts is a cult-like commune. And you know what they say about communes; if it looks like a cult and smells like a cult.. it’s most definitely a cult. 


one of us


On a mission to find her friend, investigative journalist Melanie Roberts tracks down the Ascension Family Commune and goes undercover to discover what exactly is happening there. Under the pretense of joining, she meets the charismatic leader and charms her way into the cult. But her friend Haley isn’t there; and the other women are silent about her disappearance. Dark secrets are buried in the soil of the commune, and though she doesn’t know it, Melanie is already in too deep.

One of Us is directed by Blake Reigle. Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt, TV’s Revenge, 13 Going on 30, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Derek Smith (The Secret Lives of Wives, Eulogilia, Say Hello), Carly Schroeder (Lizzie McGuire, Gracie, Mean Creek), Chasty Ballesteros (TV’s The Ranch, The Newsroom) and Ashley Wood (Argo, Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapesstar.

Monarch Home Entertainment will bring One of Us to DVD this December; the release date is scheduled for December 12th. The film has not been rated and will be released in this format. Watch the trailer for the film, above!

For more details on the film, see the Monach Home Entertainment website. To purchase, head to Amazon!

one of us

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